Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Website Coming Monday

As we attempt to keep the Holden Oil experience as easy as possible for our customers, we have decided to overhaul the old site, and replace it with a new version of The transition should be seamless and will take place on Monday July 16th sometime in the morning.

The goal is simply to make the user experience better, so if you have any questions, concerns or comments, we'd be glad to hear from you. We will quickly do what we can to make the site as easy as possible for you.

So throw me an email at if you have any problems.

Your satisfaction is always our goal.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy 4th of July Week!

File:US Flag Backlit.jpg

Hope everyones enjoying the beautiful weather! Don't forget to bring your grill tanks down to Holden Oil this week! Theres nothing worse then cold steaks on the grill!

Also, don't forget that we have smoking chips and beer can chicken holders! Impress your friends, family and neighbors after stopping at Holden's for all your grilling needs!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Propane Powered Vehicles

With the US reaching out to find alternative fuels for motor vehicles, many people are turning to propane.. One taxi company in Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Transportation Group, has converted 50 cabs to be powered with propane.

Propane powered vehicles burn cleanly, which is the reason why many primarily indoor vehicles, such as forklifts, use it. Also, propane often sells for far less then diesel and gasoline, resulting in huge savings for customers. The down sides are that propane in most vehicles get about 10% less mileage, and many are concerned that in cold weather vehicles will have a difficult time starting up. This is why many vehicles are both powered with gasoline and propane. The gasoline will get the engine started, before switching over to propane once the engines running.

As the times change, Holden's is dedicated to the North Shore's energy needs. At the present time Holden's offers both gasoline and diesel at our filling station, along with propane tank refills for grill tanks, forklift tanks, and campers, and off-road diesel. If you are interested in Holden's offering propane for vehicles, contact us. It is an avenue we at Holden's are open to considering if we find their would be some interest from our customers.

If you are interested in Holden's offering propane for vehicles email us at

Saturday, June 23, 2012

New Items Available to Improve Your Grilling Experience

Holden Oil now carries Smoking Chips at our Propane Shack located directly behind our gas pumps. Smoking chips can be used on either a charcoal or propane grill. On a propane grill just dampen the chips (remember you want them to smoke, not smolder), make a shallow tray out of aluminum foil with damp chips filled to the top, and place on grill. Then impress your friends with your flavorful smoked dinner!

The smoking chips are available in three flavors, Mesquite, Hickory, and Jack Daniels.

We are also carrying Beer Can Chicken Holders. Beer Can Chicken has seen a huge rise in popularity lately. Beer Can Chicken is delicious and flavorful, however often difficult to prop up in your grill correctly. With the beer can chicken holder you won't need to worry about this anymore. It props the chicken up for you and supplies a holder for the beer can.

We also supply lighters, grill brushes, and more, so stop in at Holden's before your next day at the grill!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Let Holden's Provide Your Business with a Grill Tank Fill Station

Increase your business's revenue with a Holden Oil propane filling station!

Holden Oil will install and maintain a propane filling station at your location. We will also provide training for your staff to teach them all the rules and regulations, so that they can safely fill your customers propane tanks.Our expert team will make the installation a simple and seamless process, and with very little overhead cost.

Contact Holden Oil today at 978-531-2984 to discuss the possibility of putting a propane filling station at your business. Don't miss the summer rush!

Still not sure? Visit one of our sites and ask someone else who uses a Holden Oil propane filling station:

Holden's Mobil-Peabody (7am-5pm, Every Day)
Tony's Mobil-Gloucester
Building Center-Gloucester
Building Center-Essex
Smith Hardware-Rockport
Wolf Hill-Ipswich
Knight Oil-Salisbury
Manchester Hardware-Manchester By The Sea
Pearson Hardware-Byfield

Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Is Here! Have You Considered a Pool Heater?

With New Englands unpredictable weather, keep your pool's temperature entirely predictable with a pool heater from Holden's. We offer Hayward, Sta-Rite, and Rheem pool heaters.

Propane pool heaters are the most fast acting and consistant pool heaters on the market, and Holden's will intall and maintain your pool heater with the same quality and dependable service customers have expected from Holden's since 1924.

Give us a call, and we'll come visit the site and give you an estimate.

So when you've had enough of swimming in your cold pool, give Holden Oil a call. 978-531-2984

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Massachusetts Gas Prices Drop for 8th Consecutive Week

Massachusetts Gas Prices have now dipped for eight consecutive weeks, and we saw prices this business week $0.08 lower then the beginning of last week.

The gas station at Holden Oil has maintained competive prices, with $3.48 for regular self serve gas. The state average currently sits at $3.51. (As of 6/14/12)

Holden Oil's Mobil Gas Station on Lynnfield St. in Peabody provides both full serve and self serve for both gasoline and diesel vehicles. We also provide on site off-road diesel fuel deliveries.

So stop on in fill up or just grab a snack or a beverage from our convience store. We hope to see you soon!